Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hello everyone!
As some of you might know, we're recording our full length album right now, thing is, recording and most of all mastering, cost a lot of money. Unfortunately for us, we don't have a lot of that. We've decided to put up all of our merch for sale to raise as much funds as possible. Hopefully you guys like what we have to offer and help us complete the album. This album means so much to us and we promise it'll be a damn awesome one. Thank you everyone who bothered to listen to us and buy our music and merch.

What we have left are a couple of shirts, stickers and a lot of EPs.
These are the designs.

Cheers To Love T - Shirt / Navy Blue
Sizes: S / XS / XXS

Cheers To Love T - Shirt / Heather Grey
Sizes: S / XS / XXS

CARACAL Cat Sticker

Caracal Greenface Sticker

Caracal Skull Transparent Sticker

Caracal Bearded Man Transparent Sticker 


These are available in bundles as well!
For the EP bundle, you can get..
Phoenix EP + all the stickers for $8 (save $2!)

For the T - shirt bundle, you can get..
both T shirts at $24 (save $2!)

For the FULL package, you can get..
1 T - Shirt + all the stickers + Phoenix EP for $20 (save $3!)

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